Peoria Public Radio adds Five New Programs in July

Jun 24, 2016

This summer represents the end of an era in public radio.

In July, Garrison Keillor will host his last broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion. And earlier this year, we learned that another long-running weekend program – Whad ‘Ya Know? – will end production.

Taken together, these two events herald a shake-up of Peoria Public Radio’s weekend programming. It also creates an opportunity for us to look at some newer programs, and think about what kind of listening experiences will define public radio for the next generations – much as A Prairie Home Companion and Whad ‘Ya Know? have helped define public radio now.

Beginning in July, you will hear some new programs and new voices on Peoria Public Radio – and some shows that we already carry will air at different times.

The final live broadcast of Whad ‘Ya Know? will be on Saturday, June 25th. The following week, we will re-broadcast the episode recorded at Five Points Washington, back in March, 2014. The show featured a special central Illinois edition of “All the News That Isn’t,” and interviews with Illinois Poet Laureate Kevin Stein, the “Bread Monk” Father Dominic Garramone, trumpeter David Hoffman, and Kristin Williams from J. K. Distillery.

We think it’s a fitting way to bring the curtain down on a program that’s kept listeners here and around the country entertained for all these years. Please join us as we visit Whad ‘Ya Know’s visit to central Illinois – Saturday, July 2nd, at 10:00 a.m.

Then on July 9th, Peoria Public Radio will add Ask Me Another to its Saturday-morning schedule. This fast-paced quiz show blends brainteasers, trivia, comedy and music into an hour of mind-bending fun. Host Ophira Eisenberg poses questions to willing audience members and call-in contestants. House musician Jonathan Coulton sings clues to the tune of pop songs, and the resident puzzle guru attempts to keep some semblance of order. Each episode also features a visit from a V. I. P. (that’s “Very Important Puzzler”.)

Car Talk will air one hour later, at 10:00 a.m. (the Sunday broadcast of the show will still be at noon.)  And Weekend Edition airs for one extra hour – Saturday from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.

We think this combination of Weekend Edition, Car Talk, and Ask Me Another represents a great way to jump-start your weekend. Be sure to tune in when the new schedule debuts on July 9th.

The TED Radio Hour moves to a new time on Saturday afternoon. Currently, the program airs at 3:00 p.m. As of July 9th, you can hear the show at a new time – Saturday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. The Sunday broadcast – at 5:00 p.m. – will not change at all.

Joining The TED Radio Hour on Saturdays will be two programs from public radio station, WNYC. Radiolab is essentially a show about curiosity – one that blends science, philosophy and the human experience. Each episode usually deals with a specific topic – like “Morality,” “Addiction,” “Antibodies” – and investigates it from several different angles. The show is accessible and light-hearted, with creative use of sound design and tight production effects. It received a Peabody Award in 2010. Radiolab will air Saturday afternoon at 2:00

Freakonomics Radio is a program that explores “the hidden side of everything.” Host Stephen Dubner engages in conversations that explore the riddles of everyday life and the weird wrinkles of human nature—from cheating and crime to parenting and sports. Does your name affect your future? Should tipping be banned? Should you bribe your children? We’ll find out, from Nobel laureates and provocateurs, social scientists and entrepreneurs. Be sure to tune for Freakonomics Radio, Saturdays at 3:00 p.m.

Garrison Keillor’s final broadcast as host of A Prairie Home Companion will be Saturday, July 2nd. He’ll take his final bow in a show from the Hollywood Bowl is Los Angeles, with frequent musical guests Sara Watkins, Heather Masse and others.

Then, on July 9th, tune in for Peoria Public Radio’s new Saturday evening lineup of This American Life, The Moth Radio Hour and Snap Judgment.

You’re probably familiar with This American Life, which has aired on the station for over a decade. The show takes a singular approach to documenting everyday life, using the same tools and techniques that defines the best public radio journalism: in-depth storytelling, personal narratives, and a careful attention to how larger stories play out in the lives of ordinary people. This American Life has also devoted full episodes to deep explorations of under-reported stories that fly below the radar of the news media. We think it’s the perfect choice to anchor our Saturday evening line-up, beginning at 5:00 p.m.

It will be followed by two hours of compelling storytelling, with The Moth Radio Hour and Snap Judgment. The Moth Radio Hour features true stories told live, without scripts, notes, or accompaniment. Those stories are, by turn, humorous, heartbreaking, and poignant tales that captivate, surprise, and delight with their honesty, bravery and humor.

Snap Judgment tells intriguing stories about extraordinary and defining events in people's lives. The show’s fast-paced, intimate, and musical brand of storytelling offers a sliver of the world through another person's eye. Host Glynn Washington ties everything together with his own personal experiences.

The Moth Radio Hour will air at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, followed by Snap Judgment at 7:00.

In addition, This American Life and The Moth Radio Hour will re-air Sundays at 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., respectively.

Finally, Peoria Public Radio brings you deeper coverage of Illinois news and events with The 21st.

The 21st combines relevant news and conversation with phone calls, social media and other digital channels. The show is intended to facilitate discussions, and help listeners across the state connect with each other and with information vital to their lives.

The 21st features a mix of interviews and conversations—everyone from farmers, businesspeople, artists, politicians, and residents across Illinois—on everything from news to politics to arts, culture and everyday life. Listeners can count on the program to cover the top stories and the latest news, as well as stories, big or small, from across Illinois.

The 21st will air weekdays at 6:00 p.m. on Peoria Public Radio, beginning on Monday, July 4th.