Peoria Playhouse Hosts Artist in Residence to Create Original Work of Art

Jul 20, 2018

This week, Jenn Gordon talks with Rebecca Shulman Herz, with the Peoria Playhouse Children's Museum; and with artist Reenie Charriere. Charriere is the artist in residence at the Playhouse. During her residency, she'll be creating a work of art called "Magic Carpet" in collaboration with members of the community.

To make the piece specific to central Illinois, much of the material, such as repurposed plastic bags, will be gathered locally. The project will continue through August 3rd. Herz and Charriere talk about the process of organizing the residency, about the project itself, and what they hope participants will take away from the experience.

Charriere will also have an exhibit of her work on display at the Peoria Art Guild. One of the pieces will incorporate recycled fish nets. The Playhouse is also hosting an open house in conjunction with First Fridays on Friday, August 3rd.