Peoria Park District Targets Additional Cuts for 2018

Dec 7, 2017

The Peoria Park District will vote next week on cutting several facilities in order to balance its 2018 budget. Park District Executive Director Emily Cahill says three recommended cuts are in areas where other options exist.


"We targeted Lakeview Aquatic Center which has seen reduced usership over the last several years because of it short season. We also targeted the seven clay courts in Glen Oak Park. Within our district, there are 18 other tennis courts available for use. We also looked at closure of Detweiler Golf Course. It’s difficult to have a golf course in a floodplain." Cahill said.

A proposed elimination of the surcharge for season passes for out-of-district golfers raised concern for some board members. Non-residential golfers currently pay 100 dollars more for a season pass to golf Peoria Park District courses. Board chair Tim Cassidy believes the elimination of the differential is unfair.


“Golf for the last two years has been operating at an operating deficit of bout a million dollars which is being paid for by the Peoria Park District taxpayer and so i think it’s only fair to our taxpayers that there should be some differential between what a non-resident pays for passes and what a resident should have to pay because a resident is already paying taxes.” Cassidy said.


Staff recommendations include the elimination of the July third fireworks at Glen Oak Park. The district expects to save 325-thousand dollars if all the changes are approved. The district board will vote on the changes next Wednesday.