Peoria Eyes Strategy For Future

Nov 28, 2017

The City of Peoria occasionally updates its 15-year strategic plan, which includes both policy and management guidelines.


The council has already established guidelines for several policies for projects like combined sewer overflow and road maintenance. But City Manager Patrick Urich says the council still needs to develop policy direction in several other areas.


Urich says, "the medical field is probably the largest segment of our employment base in the metro area, so what can the city be doing to facilitate growth in that area. There are some other ongoing issues with vacant lots or police and community relations that I think the council wants us to continue efforts to drive change in our community."

The strategic plan addresses issues relevant to the city’s overall vision, which is to become a safe, beautiful and growing city that is financially sound.


The council has occasionally met during the last several months to update the strategic plan. It will likely approve the revised plan at tomorrow night’s council meeting.