Madigan Plans Use Same Tactic to Pass Budget

Nov 15, 2016

Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan

Governor Bruce Rauner met today with Illinois' top leaders. It was the first such gathering in months.  A stopgap spending plan expires at the end of the year.  Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan wants to use the same recipe that led to the stopgap's passage.

"My suggestion: follow the framework from the seven successful budgets that we've done under Gov. Rauner, follow that framework, and we'll be able to come to an agreement on an eighth budget to finish off the remainder of this fiscal year." 

Each of those piecemeal spending plans passed… without being attached to Governor Bruce Rauner’s agenda.  Republican leaders say those budgets were "unsuccessful."  Democrats remain opposed to the Republican agenda of term limits, overhauling workers' compensation, and curtailing union rights.   All five leaders are scheduled to meet again tomorrow.