Lydia Moss Bradley Statue Damaged in Car Accident

Jun 11, 2018

The much loved Lydia Moss Bradley statue that graces the circle drive in the heart of Bradley University’s campus is absent, at least for now.

The bronze likeness of Mrs. Bradley was hit by a vehicle about 9:30 Saturday night. The driver reportedly fell asleep while traveling on St James Street. The statue was knocked off its pedestal and traveled 25 to 50 feet, leaving divots in the pavement. The university says no citation were issued for the incident because it happened on private property. A Bradley spokesperson says the unidentified driver was evaluated at the scene and was not impaired. She also did not seek additional treatment.

The university has moved the statue to a secure area to evaluate the damage and decide on next steps. For now, Mrs Bradley’s Bronze likeness will take a sort of summer hiatus.  

Bradley statue has graced the university’s Founder’s Circle since 1997. The university is encouraging people to share well wishes for the statue on social media with the hashtag #GetWellSoonLydia.