Life Skills Re-entry Center Is A First

Feb 26, 2018

A view of the computer stations available to inmates at the Kewanee facility.
Credit IDOC

Illinois is the first state in the nation to develop a life skills training program for high risk and medium risk prisoners.

Illinois began the program at the Kewanee Life Skills Re-entry Center last year. It offers education and treatment programs that are up to two years in length.

Corrections Department Director John Baldwin says the program will soon add more training. “Then in a month, we’re going to start rolling out job skills that pay at above average wage or at above living wage. For example, we’re very close to bringing a welding program in, we’re looking at truck driving, we’re looking at all sorts of options and we’re doing it for both the men at Kewanee and the women at Logan.

Credit AP

Logan Correctional Center is located near Lincoln. The corrections department hopes the program will reduce recidivism. Illinois has one of the worst recidivism rates in the nation.