Let It Snow... Let It Snow... Oh Man More Snow Already?

Nov 16, 2018

  Snow plows are ready to hit the road to handle the ice and snow of a Midwestern winter. It's just in time too.

Peoria public works officials, county highway department and IDOT are reminding people to adjust their following distance and awareness during times of snow and ice.

Rany Laninga is the Operations Engineer with IDOT, District 4. He says it’s important for people traveling on the highway to adjust for snow plows and traveling conditions. “We don’t plow and 55-65 mph. It’s 35 mph. And so [people need to] make sure they give snow plows plenty of room. And then also drive safely for the snow and ice.”

“We can’t make it perfect,” Laninga says. But they try the best they can to get salt down while they can. But he says, ”temperatures and water condition fluctuate quite a bit.”

Laninga says last year there were four or five snow plows that got rear-ended because people were following too closely or just didn’t see them.

Other helpful reminders include not using cruise control during snow and ice, checking tire wear, replacing windshield wipers and adding more windshield washer fluid.

...and most of all, safe and happy travels for the holidays and all the times in between.