ISU Professor's Research Sheds Light on Today's Sexual Harassment Scandals

Jan 24, 2018

An ISU professor has recently found himself in demand to help explain the sexual harassment scandal facing the nation.

John Pryor is a distinguished professor emeritus of psychology who developed a test in the 1980s that predicts who is likely to engage in sexually harassing behavior.

Pryor says some studies indicate a link between harassment and power, and that those in positions of power may feel they have the right to abuse others.

“Entitlement is, unfortunately, something that many people in power seem to feel. That is, because they have wealth and power, they think they deserve it, and they deserve all that goes with it.”

There's also a link between environment and sexual harassment, according to Pryor. Men who have a tendency to engage in sexually harassing behaviors are more likely to do so if they see other people doing it.