Illinois' Unemployment Insurance Program Seeing Changes

Dec 3, 2015

Changes are forthcoming to Illinois' unemployment insurance program. They’re expected to please both workers, and employers.

The measure on its way to the governor would make it easier for businesses to prove worker misconduct.  That could decrease employer’s costs, by exempting them from having to pay benefits.Another part of the package advantages workers.  No longer will an older, laid off worker see his unemployment benefit drop because he's on Social Security.  The deal took months to negotiate, and was resolved ahead of an end-of-year deadline.

Republican Representative David Harris of Arlington Heights says the agreement could be a template for breaking the standoff between lawmakers and the governor.

"I think we ought to use it as an example, that if there's a willingness on the part of the legislature and the second floor to get to yes, to come to  an agreement, here's a case where we can do it. Let us use that as an example of what we can do on the budget and other issues that are tying us up in other areas."

Governor Bruce Rauner is expected to sign the unemployment insurance measure into law; he says the changes will help grow jobs.