Illinois State Police Issue Annual Safety Reminder

Nov 22, 2017

Credit Peoria Public Radio

As a lot of people take to road in Illinois to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends, the Illinois State Police is reminding motorists to drive safely.

ISP Troopers are expected to be positioned every 20 miles on Interstates 55, 57, and 80 today/Wednesday from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Additionally troopers will be highly visible on the interstates and heavily traveled state routes through Monday, November 27th.

They are expected to be aggressively enforcing the so called Fatal Four; Speeding, DUI, Distracted Driving and Seatbelt violations. State police are also participate in Operation C.A.R.E., that’s the  Combined Accident Reduction Effort. It’s a national program to

increase officer presence on Interstate and U.S. Highways across the nation during specific high crash periods.