Illinois American Outlines Distribution System Upgrades

Aug 31, 2017

Illinois American Water is preparing to make $5.7 million worth of improvements to its distribution system.

That will include more than four miles of water main in Peoria, Limestone Township and Bartonville. The work will also include 11 new pressure-reducing valves in the high service zone to reduce water main breaks in Peoria.


IAW fixing a main in downtown Peoria earlier this year.
Credit Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

Christian Volz is the engineering manager for the Peoria service area. He says the Illinois American Water engineering team investigates every water main break and determined this to be the best approach to help prevent such system failures and the related impacts.  


The work is expected to begin in the next two weeks weather permitting and should be complete by the end of the year.  


Pressure Reducing Valve installations:

  • West of Willow Knolls at W. Willow Knolls & W. War Memorial
  • South of War Memorial at W. Willow Knolls & W. War Memorial
  • South of War Memorial at W. Baring & W. War Memorial
  • North of Camille at W. Camille & N. Hamilton
  • West of Melody at W. Glen, between N. Melody & N. Glen Park
  • North of Clarewood at N. University & W. Clarewood
  • West of Sheridan at N. Sheridan and W. Lake
  • ​ South of Lake at N. Sheridan & W. Lake
  • East of California at E. War Memorial & N. California
  • South of London at E. London & Atlantic
  • West of Dayton at E. Rouse, between Dayton & Columbus

Once the pressure reducing valves are in place, Illinois American Water’s engineering team will determine the appropriate time to bring the new pressure system online. This is expected to occur next year. When that phase of the project occurs, customers will be contacted via Illinois American Water’s customer notification system regarding any impact to water service and necessary steps.


The Company’s notification system contacts customers via telephone and text or email. Customers should update their contact information and choose their notification preference online at or by calling 800-422-2782.  



The main replacement program focuses on replacing mains where leaks occur, corrosion has caused damage or the size of the pipe isn’t sufficient.

See a map of the proposed work here.

Customers affected by the work will be notified via letter about the impact and any necessary steps. The letter will include a local contact for questions.

Water main installation projects:

(Linear Feet (LF) info is approximate.)

  • W. Shoff Circle & Kickapoo Ln. – Bounded by Harmon Highway, Limestone Twp. ~1,633 LF
  • Rosaria Ave. – From US RTE 24 to S. Adams St., Bartonville ~ 267 LF
  • Collier Ave. – From US RTE 24 to S. Adams St., Bartonville ~ 534 LF
  • W. Airland St. – From Airport Road to its terminus, Bartonville ~ 684 LF
  • S. Jefferson St. – From approximately 6312 S. Jefferson St. to the terminus, Bartonville ~ 386 LF
  • Madison Ct. – From Weiman Ave. to S. Monroe Ave., Bartonville ~ 784 LF
  • Colona Ave., S. Jefferson St., S. Monroe Ave. – Three bounded by S. Adams on the east and W. Garfield on the south, Bartonville ~ 2,133 LF
  • W. Montana St. – From S. Idaho to S. Griswold St., Peoria ~ 2,028 LF
  • NE Lake & Park Ave. – Peoria ~ 623 LF  

Along Park Ave. from NE Perry to the RR Track  

Along NE Lakeview Ave. from NE Perry

  • Fairholm Ave. – From NE Rock Island Ave. to the end of the road, Peoria ~ 111 LF
  • W. Hayes St., S. Easton Ave., W. Grinnell St. - Peoria ~2,469 LF.  

Along W. Hayes St. from S. Western Ave. to S. Lydia Ave.  

Along S. Easton Ave from W. Hayes St. to W. Grinnell St.  

Along W. Grinnell St. from S. Lydia Ave to S. Easton Ave.

  • N. Kane St., N. Webster St., N. Sand St., W. Hurlburt St. - Peoria ~ 1,910 LF  

Along N. Kane St. from W. 4 th St. to John Gywnn Jr. Ave.  

Along N. Webster St. from W. 3 rd St. to John Gywnn Jr. Ave.  

Along N. Sand St. from W. 3 rd St. to John Gywnn Jr. Ave.  

Along W. Hurlburt St. from Webster St. to Steubenville Ave.

  • W. Circle Rd. - (a semi-circle with intersections @ N Dries Ln.), Peoria ~ 500 LF
  • N. Ellis St., N. North St. - Peoria ~ 975 LF  

Along N. Ellis St. from W. Hudson St. to the South  

Along N. North St. from W. Hudson St. to W. Forrest Hill Ave.

  • N. Bestor St. - from Columbia Terrace to its North Terminus, Peoria ~ 898 LF
  • N. Valley Ave, N. Bourland Ave., N. Underhill St., W. Richmond Ave. - Peoria ~ 1,314 LF  

Along N. Valley Ave. from the existing fire hydrant to the North Terminus  

Along N. Bourland Ave. from the existing fire hydrant to the North Terminus  

Along N. Underhill St. from the existing fire hydrant to the South Terminus

Along W. Richmond Ave. from N. Bestor St. to N. Sheridan Rd.

  • W. Groveland, W. Rice, N. Underhill, N. Broadway, N. Ashley, N. Milton, N. Linsey - Peoria ~ 3,484 LF  

Along W. Groveland Ave. from N. Bourland Ave. to N. Underhill St.  

Along W. Rice St. from N. Underhill St. to N. Gale Ave.  

Along N. Underhill St. from N. Gale Ave. to W. Brons Ave.  

Along N. Broadway St. from W. Brons Ave. to W. Nebraska Ave.  

Along N. Ashley Ct. from W. Nebraska to its North Terminus  

Along N. Milton Ct. from W. Nebraska to its North Terminus

  • W. St. James St. - From N. Sheridan Rd. to N. Orange St., Peoria ~783 LF