First meeting for new county-wide election commission

May 18, 2015

10th Judicial Circuit Judge Jodi Hoos, left, swears-in the five commissioners of the County-wide Election Commission in Peoria.
A newly-formed election commission held its first meeting last week.  It’s the new group running elections for Peoria County.

 Voters last year approved a referendum to consolidate Peoria’s City and County election commissions.  The new group includes five commissioners, who in turn appointed City Election director Tom Bride to lead the county-wide operations.   Bride says the new commission will use city equipment to run the special congressional election for the 18th district:

 “We’re comfortable in that phase. The voter registration database has been updated to include so that we have a county-wide voter registration base now.”

 The special election is expected to cost the county more than $150,000.  Bride says a long-term goal is to look for a larger building to house election equipment and office space:

 “It’d be centrally located in the county on a main road, it’ll have access to public transportation, and it’ll be a better setup to handle early voting, so we should have more parking.”

 Bride says the current city election office space will serve as a temporary home.