Final details discussed for proposed County-wide election commission

Apr 8, 2015

 A Peoria County-wide election commission could form as early as Mid-May.  The idea is to have the new group run the 18th Congressional District election:

Officials have set a primary for early June and a general election for September 10th to fill the seat vacated by former Congressman Aaron Schock.  10th Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Steve Kouri says he wants to make final appointments to the future group by May 15th.  County Board member Allen Mayer says the aim is to have a County-wide commission run the polls:

“Part of why we want to do that it pooling financial resources and expertise. A second is equipment.”

Mayer says the new group would use the city election commission’s space through this year while its looks for a larger place to house office and storage space.  The Peoria County Board takes up the election-commission agreement at its meeting Thursday.