Farmers Market Continues Despite Demolition of Peoria Riverfront Platform

May 21, 2018

A farmers market has opened in central Illinois despite the continued demolition of a riverfront platform.

Sharon Gramm is the executive director of the Peoria Riverfront Association. She says that the Riverfront Market started its season Saturday with about 80 vendors. 

Gramm says officials were concerned that the demolition of the Riverfront Village platform would threaten the event's success.

Andy Weeks is the general manager of N.E. Finch Co., the company handling the demolition. He says experienced union operators have allowed for the project to continue on time. Weeks says the project has gone smoothly despite a two week delay due to the weather.

The platform, built in 1999, is a man-made overlook of the Illinois River.

Weeks says demolition is expected to be completed by June 15.