Exelon pushes for level playing field for nuclear power

May 6, 2015

Exelon is amping up its threat to close three nuclear power plants unless there's help from the legislature. The company says it's not a bailout and instead argues it’s trying to level the playing field.  

Illinois already gives some incentives for renewable sources, like energy and wind.  Supporters of Exelon's measure like Democratic Representative Larry Walsh Junior of Joliet say nuclear power deserves that push: 

"Nuclear energy plants provide Illinois with a reliable, carbon-free solution for their energy needs. And we need to do all we can to preserve these plants."

Exelon says its plan would only increase customers' electric bills by only a few dollars and in return protect jobs that are important to the state's economy. 

Busloads of nuclear plant workers came to the capitol today asking lawmakers to pass the measure. But there are other, competing plans before the General Assembly. Critics say Exelon is basically trying to make higher profits.