East Peoria Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Host Open House Ahead of Licensing

Nov 30, 2016

The public is getting a look inside a medical marijuana dispensary opening next week in East Peoria.

“By normalizing this and opening it up to the community, it allows for physicians to be more comfortable with learning about it,” Ben Rediger, a spokesman for the dispensary NuMed, said.

Credit O'Dea / WikiCommons

State regulations specify that medical cannabis dispensaries be open only to registered patients, caregivers and state-credentialed employees. After the facility is licensed by state regulators, the dispensary area is closed to everyone else. 

Rediger says the public preview is worth attending because it affects everyone in the community.

“Every person who lives here has a relative or friend with a qualifying condition, it’s guaranteed," Rediger said. "So even if it’s not you yourself that has an interest in cannabis medicine you have a relative who does. Even religious leaders need to see this.”

Medical cannabis is often prescribed for pain management, but Rediger says it could also go a long way in helping combat the widespread use of highly-addictive opioid painkillers. The public open house Wed. runs from 4-7pm at 504 Riverside Drive in East Peoria.

NuMed is scheduled to open for business at 11:00 next Wednesday.