East Peoria Embarks on Strategic Planning Venture

May 17, 2017

The City of East Peoria is working with a strategic planning consultant that has a track record in the state.

Lyle Sumek Associates has worked with Peoria City and County as well as Bloomington, Champaign other municipalities in the state. But this week the strategic planning firm is in East Peoria.

Commissioners worked for more than eight hours Tues. and will meet for another four on Wednesday. East Peoria Commissioner Gary Densberger says so far, they’ve concentrated on goals five to 15 years out.

Densberger says the council has also been able to talk about things they typically don’t get to.

“A lot of conversation went to a capital fund and funding. How we get there I don’t know,” Densberger said. “But we all agree on a lot more than we all realized we agree on.”   

Densberger says the consultant is also meeting with city staff Thursday and wraps up the planning process up Fri. He says next the city has to make sure to use the plan, rather than set it on a shelf to collect dust.

Other In other East Peoria City Business:

Credit Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

The former East Peoria City Hall building is about to become a Wendy’s Restaurant. The East Peoria City Council unanimously approved the zoning adjustment for the fast food eatery that includes a drive through.

Habitat for Humanity, Greater Peoria Area, Inc. is also getting a special donation of fixtures and appliances. The East Peoria City Council unanimously approved the plan to make the donation.

The fixtures and appliances the city is donating were removed from the seven buyout properties in Pinecrest Hills Subdivision. The city purchases the homes last year that were condemned or damaged in the landslide that happened April 13, 2013 in a heavy downpour.