Durbin: Budget impasse contributes to violence

Jul 11, 2016

U-S Senator Dick Durbin says he's glad Illinois has a stop-gap budget. But he says the year-long budget crisis didn't help reduce violence in Chicago.

Durbin spoke Sunday about last week’s killings of two black men by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota and the subsequent killings of five law enforcement officers in Dallas during a peaceful rally.

He says the budget stalemate exacerbated the problems people in the poorest neighborhoods in the state face... like drug trafficking and gang activity.

"I can't specify that the state budget equals more violence. I wouldn't go that far.  But I will tell you, it creates an environment of vulnerability."

Law enforcement agencies in the state said in March that program cuts to youth diversion programs and community-based services were increasing the likelihood of more crime. At least 344 homicides have been reported in Chicago this year.