Diocese of Peoria Calls for Prayer Following Church Sex Abuse Report

Aug 22, 2018


Credit Tanya Koonce/Peoria Public Radio

The Diocese of Peoria is asking for the community to join in prayer for healing, following the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report on Catholic Church sex abuse.

Bishop Daniel Jenky says he is deeply disturbed by the recent report on sex abuse of minors and the failure of some bishops to address the crisis. Bishop Jenky says he knows many share his sorrow and he stands with them.

In statement issued by the Diocese, Jenky says the Pennsylvania report focuses mostly decades old crimes. He says since 2002 he believes the Church addresses such matters in a much better way. Specifically he says the Church is doing all it can to provide a safe environment for children to grow.

But Jenky says in the matter of this truly sad situation, he invites the community to join him in praying for the grace of healing, correction and continued reform.