County looks at updating drug-free workplace policy, limiting medical pot use

Jul 28, 2015

Peoria County is looking to update its workplace drug policy to include the new state medical cannabis law. A County committee passed a resolution Monday that would prohibit employees from using or possessing marijuana while working for the county.

The measure also would allow those needing to use the drug to take a leave of absence. 

Credit Dank Depot / Flickr/Creative Commons

County Operations Committee Chairman Mike Phelan says he supports the measure. Phelan says it’s a clarification of the existing policy.

“I don’t think it will present any potential for revisiting this in the future, but it could if there are other drugs that might be introduced," Phelan said. "But as far as cannabis goes, I think we’ve resolved that for now.”

The proposal does not take into account those who are intermittent users, for example, those who use medical marijuana for occasional migraines.     

The full county board takes up the issue during its meeting on Aug. 13.  If it passes, the policy will immediately go into effect.