Could Trump's Presidency Play a Role in Illinois' 2018 Elections?

Oct 23, 2017

The head of a national group meant to help elect Democratic governors around the country says he expects President Trump to be a big factor for Illinois voters next year.

Jay Inslee is the governor of Washington state and the incoming leader of the Democratic Governors Association.

He’s not picking favorites in the competitive Democratic primary for Illinois governor.

But he says Illinois Democrats can beat Bruce Rauner next Fall in part because of the unpopularity of Donald Trump.

"We have a president out there who’s threatening our health care, he’s threatening our basic civil liberties, he’s threatening any sense of decency and that has united our team like no other effort," Inslee said.

A spokesman for the Republican Governors Association says there’s no evidence to show Trump’s possible impact on 2018 elections. That group is supporting Bruce Rauner for re-election.