City Responds to Safety Concerns at Northwoods Mall

Nov 21, 2017

Pastors Deveraux Hubbard, of the St. Paul Baptist Church, and Martin Johnson, of the New Beginnings Ministries of Peoria, take to the podium at the Peoria City Hall.
Credit Tanya Koonce

Faith and city leaders in Peoria are encouraging people to shop-on with a sense of safety over the busiest holiday shopping times of the year. That was the message after the melee last Saturday night at Northwoods Mall near the new amusement venue, Round 1. 

Peoria Police Chief Jerry Mitchell says his officers will have a bigger footprint. “The message that is provided by this community today is that it is a safe community and to engage, but also to be safe. So the next few days we are going to be putting out message from the P.D. regarding some of the safety issues.” 

Mitchell says if anyone sees anything while they are shopping that they feel is of concern, they should not hesitate and call the police. 

The Chief of Police says he is comfortable with the dialogue his department is having with the businesses at the Mall regarding safety practices moving forward.

The Chief says he will be shopping at Northwoods this weekend and he hopes others do to.