BU and Startup Peoria to host Startup Weekend

Nov 4, 2013

Those with business ideas, designers and developers are encouraged to come together to develop new ventures over a 54-hour period. Startup Peoria and Bradley University’s Turner Center for Entrepreneurship are hosting “Startup Weekend” from November 15th through the 17th.

It begins with participants pitching ideas, and teams forming around the top concepts. Those teams then work to create business plans that are presented in front of local judges as well as potential investors. Top winners will receive support to help move their businesses forward. 

Amy Lambert is the co-founder of Startup Peoria and attended a Startup Weekend in St. Louis last year. She says the best concepts come from those who have never brought their ideas to the table.

“Are we looking for strong designers and developers? Absolutely, but if you’re not a designer or developer and you just have a really great idea, this is the place to bring it. This is the place to launch it.”

Lambert says participants can come out of the weekend with a strong business plan and an idea of how to position their startups to grow jobs. The event will be held at the Robert Michael Student Center at Bradley. The registration deadline for the event is November 15th. The cost is 80-dollars for the general public and 40 for students. You can register at peoria.startupweekend.org