Bloomington Making Efforts to Restore Rare Brick Streets

Jul 31, 2017

Efforts are underway in Bloomington to preserve what's left of the central Illinois city's brick streets.

Public Works Director Jim Karch says that Bloomington has about 3  1/2 miles of brick streets, down from an original 41 miles of brick streets. Brick streets make up about 1% of the city's 320 miles of streets. He says his staff is working on a new brick streets master plan. He says he'd like a decade-long plan that allots about $500,000 a year to brick street restoration. 

 Lea Cline is vice chairman of the Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission. She says any brick street "that exists now is such a tiny gem." She doesn't want higher priority for brick streets in historical districts. However other historic preservation commissioners disagree.