$2.1M Settlement Reached in McLean County Worker's Death

Jan 10, 2019

Court records show that the family of a McLean County maintenance worker will receive $2.1 million after he was killed in a work-related accident in 2015.

The agreement with Leah Hoeniges, administrator of her father John Hoeniges' estate, was filed in McLean County Circuit Court. 

Coworkers found 56-year-old John Hoeniges in an elevator shaft in the basement of downtown Bloomington's Law and Justice Center. County officials say he may have been retrieving an item that fell down the shaft.

According to the agreement, the company that manages the county's elevators and the company that inspects the elevators will each pay $1 million. The county will pay $125,000. Negligence and liability claims against the two firms and the county were dismissed in the lawsuit.